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In today’s era, the prerequisite for energy resources has increased, due to rise in the cost of conventional fuel i.e coal and natural gas. As biomass briquette is renewable, clean, eco-friendly energy, many people have switched to biomass fuel briquettes. Our company is actively affianced in presenting fine Biomass Briquetting Plant that converts the biomass into high density and dry briquettes.

Being a specialized manufacturer of Biomass Briquetting, this plant converts agro forestry waste into bio-coal.  Any type of agro forestry is used in manufacturing process of Briquetting. Biomass briquetting is a method of producing bio-gas named as briquette out of biomass wastages that are commonly disposed unproductively. Biomass briquetting plant is the machine that uses this manner to generate bio-coal or briquettes. We produce those machines in exceptional models like Briquetting Plant-65 version, Briquetting Plant-75 model and Briquetting Jumbo BRQ 9075 version. We fabricate our machines qualitatively therefore they offer excessive overall performance in a totally long lasting way. Our briquetting machine or briquette press use mechanical compression approach beneath high strain as well as temperature on the biomass to generate the excessive thermal calorific gas. This technique is likewise referred to as as binder-less era.

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